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Royce's Rescue is a no kill animal shelter

Located in Richboro and serving surrounding areas such as Churchville, Warrington, Newtown, Southampton, Warminster, Hatboro and many more

​About the Rescue


Royce's Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization at Sommerfield Stables. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation and placement of neglected or unwanted horses, dogs and cats. Royce's Rescue is made up of animal lovers and professionals that decided to take assertive action to help the animals in need.


Animal Welfare has been a passion of ours for years. After finding it difficult to locate organizations that could guarantee rehabilitation and placement of these animals, we decided to do it ourselves.


Our group includes horse, dog and cat owners, an equestrian stable owner/trainer, and veterinarians. We are dedicated to saving one animal at a time.

Royce's Rescue is proud to say we have been able to adopt more than 235 cats and kittens in 2022, getting many cold, starving and sick cats and kittens off the streets and into warm, loving homes.  


We have also helped five families who could not keep their dogs for a variety of reasons and found wonderful new families for them.


In addition, in 2022 we rescued and found loving owners for 4 new horses from the race track after their careers ended.  We were able to allow them to start a new career teaching young riders how to care for them and ride with confidence.



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Royce’s Rescue has started a new GoFundMe account (Link: just to help sweet 6 month old Domino receive urgent eye surgery that he desperately needs.He has a condition where his eyelashes have grown inward and are scratching on his eyes as he opens and shuts them. The cost of this surgery will be at least $3,589.82. Any donation is much appreciated!



Please contact us for an appointment

We can easily accommodate your visit, but we would respectfully request that you let us know when you would like to arrive.  Thank you!

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