Horse Adoptions 

We currently have several horses available for adoption.  Please let us know if you are interested!

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Horses Available for Adoption:




Tawnee is back through no fault of her own and so happy to be home.  She is back in training and loves it!  Her dish nose and crooked

tail just make you fall in love with her all over again.

Tawnee is a beautiful Arabian mare looking for a person to call her own. When she first came to us in 2017, she was emaciated, nameless, and clearly afraid of everyone and everything. She has blossomed into a quirky and loving girl, who enjoys lazily strolling around her pasture, munching on carrots, and getting a good grooming. At first, Tawnee may come across as nervous and cautious around new people, but once she trusts “her person” she will do anything for them. She is very smart, quick to learn, and gentle. At Royce’s Rescue, she has only been ridden by one person who she really trusts. For this reason, we are offering her as a pasture mate only. She gets along with every horse, but never gets attached. Tawnee is in her mid-teens and 15 hands tall. She is such a simple girl, and yet gorgeous to look at all day long. 

Lily is a very shy but sweet paint pony.  She is 12 years old.  She has come a long way since we rescued her, and she is finally trusting us enough that she will allow Najeedah, who has spent many hours with her, to ride on her back. 




Lilly is coming along so well with her training that some of the camp kids got to ride her.  We are very proud of her progress. 7-27-2019


Noble did not do well at the race track so he came to us.  He was adopted and came back to us three times due to no fault of his own.  He is a 18 year old thoroughbred gelding, standing 16.1.  He is loved by everyone and has turned out to be one of our best lesson horses!


Andy was a racehorse who came to us in 2014. He is 12 years old. He is doing exceptionally well in our lesson program. His sweet nature and willingness to learn make him one of the favorites here. 



Paladin was found in a bad situation until Leigh Berman with Two Bit Farm rescued him. Paladin is a well-mannered and kind 9 year old Hanoverian stallion. With the help of Dr. Joanne Vecchione and Dr. Laurie Cameron, Paladin is now gelded and up to date on vaccines. He has joined the Royce’s Rescue family where he will recover and brush up on his under-saddle skills. 





Our beautiful, sweet Lavk has been adopted by Najeedah who has spent countless hours rehabbing her to make her the wonderful horse she is today.  We are so happy that Lavk has found her person and Najeedah is so happy to have the opportunity to adopt her.





Jolly is our newest rescue horse who is available for adoption. He is 19 years young and a Thoroughbred who loves people. He is currently in our program and doing well here at Royce’s Rescue.





Jolly came to us in the summer of 2018 and it was obvious he was mistreated. He wouldn’t let us touch his head and putting on a bridle was difficult. He didn’t like being loaded on a trailer or the confines of a cross-tie. Morgan came along and immediately fell in love with him and she made it her mission to make him feel loved and unafraid. She was determined to have him for her own and her dream finally came true when her parents agreed to adopt him. It doesn’t matter to Morgan if she can’t take him off the property, she just loves him and will give him whatever he needs to be happy. This is what we consider a true rescue!!


Grace is a beautiful 20-year-old 15.2 hand thoroughbred mare with a stocky build.  She has worked her way through the training program at Royce’s Rescue and is ready for her forever home.  She would make the perfect “husband horse” as she is very gentle, laid-back, and will stand all day to be groomed.  She enjoys the company of other horses.  Grace is a trail horse extraordinaire – she loves it outdoors and does not bat an eye at any obstacles!  







Fiona is a 16-year-old thoroughbred.  She is a very sweet mare who is working hard in our lesson program.

We can't wait to see what this special girl can do!

Our rescue horse Fiona was adopted today by Olivia who has ridden with us at Sommerfield for many years and has been in love with Fiona for a long time. Olivia will keep Fiona here with us at Sommerfield Stables and continue her training. We are very happy for them!